The Power of Co-Opting: Language Is Changing, But Will It Change the Status Quo?

Language is powerful. The words we use signal how we make sense of the world – and people – around us. When…

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Reproductive Justice Demands the End of Family Policing

In Killing the Black Body, Dorothy Roberts traces how the maintenance of slavery necessitated the domination and control of Black…

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Finding Space to Imagine: How White Supremacy Culture Stifles Creativity

Launched just over a year ago, the upEND Movement seeks to end the child welfare system, which we call the…

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New upEND Publication Calls for Fundamental Transformation of Family Policing

Last fall, I wrote about upEND, a new project focused on addressing structural inequities in the country’s child welfare…

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Black Family,With,Young,Children,Reading,Book,In,Playroom,Together

Making Possible the Impossible: A Black Feminist Perspective on Child Welfare Abolition

In 1863, Harriet Tubman and eight of her trusted scouts orchestrated the Combahee River uprising in South Carolina. The uprising…

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Keynote Address: upENDing the Child Welfare System: The Road to Abolition

The following is the keynote address given by Lisa Sangoi, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Movement for Family Power…

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African American female child in playroom

What Does it Mean to Abolish the Child Welfare System as We Know It?

Families who enter the child welfare system are often facing hardships caused by a myriad of social and economic factors—many created and promoted through systemic racism—that complicate and challenge parents’ ability to care for their children.

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