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The first season of The upEND Podcast traces family separations during chattel slavery to the family policing system we have today and imagines a safer future.

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The upEND Movement podcast art on a wide image features a two mothers with their children, a father with a young daughter and a pregnant woman on illustrated on a painted canvas.

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Introduction to Family Policing Abolition

An upEND Syllabus

Take a self-guided course on family policing’s history, present, and abolitionist future. This is a companion to The upEND Podcast.

Abolitionist Framework Tool

Do proposed reforms to family policing further entrench systemic harms or do they create a society where the need for a family policing system is obsolete?

Upending The Racialized Family Ideal

Child welfare policies reward those who uphold the American “family ideal” and police, punish, and profit from those who don’t meet it.

California Supreme Court Strikes “Tender Years Doctrine”

This decision will reduce California’s ability to forcibly separate families.

Deadline Extended for Afrofuturist Art Submissions

The deadline for art, poetry, and short fiction submissions has been extended to January 31, 2024.

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