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Releasing June 19th, 2024

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Reparations for Family Policing – Teach In

upEND’s Cofounder Maya Pendleton is featured in this teach-in with Movement For Black Lives.

June 26, 2024  |  Zoom

The upEND Movement podcast art on a wide image features a two mothers with their children, a father with a young daughter and a pregnant woman on illustrated on a painted canvas.

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Introduction to Family Policing Abolition

An upEND Syllabus

Take a self-guided course on family policing’s history, present, and abolitionist future. This is a companion to The upEND Podcast.

Abolitionist Framework Tool

Do proposed reforms to family policing further entrench systemic harms or do they create a society where the need for a family policing system is obsolete?

“Dream, Create, Liberate” Afrofuturist Art Book Out Now

As we embark on this journey of imagination and liberation, we invited artists to join us in envisioning a world free from family policing.

Prize Winners Named for “Dream, Create, Liberate” Afrofuturist Art Publication

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Dream, Create, Liberate: A Future Without Family Policing call for submissions.

Letter to the Editor: Foster Care Cannot Provide True Safety for Children

As part of the growing movement to end the separation of children from their families, we were disappointed to read the article “What Happens When Abusive Parents Keep their Children” in the opinion section of the New York Times.

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