Key Resources

How We endUP: A Future Without Family Policing

How We endUP puts forth ideas about how we can, in community, improve support and care for children, youth, and families as we move towards the abolition of family policing.

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Does the Reform or Abolitionst Step ACHIEVE THIS OUTCOME ?

Framework for Evaluating Reformist Reforms vs. Abolitionist Steps to End the Family Policing System

Use this guide to analyze whether proposed reforms to family policing further entrench the family policing system or move us closer to the abolition of family policing.

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Help is NOT on the Way: How Family Policing Perpetuates State Directed Terror

The child welfare system is not a helping system. The system subjugates, surveils, regulates, and punishes families – families who are disproportionately Black and Indigenous.

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Introduction to Family Policing Abolition: An upEND Syllabus

For those interested in taking a self-guided course on family policing’s history, present, and abolitionist future, we invite you to explore this course. This syllabus is a companion to The upEND Podcast’s first season which will be published bi-weekly from September through December 2023.


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Additional Resources

Protect ICWA

We must maintain the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) as a necessary tool to ensure tribal sovereignty is respected.

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How We Map: A Creative Exploration Space

How We Map was a two-day creative exploration created by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez for upEND Movement’s How We endUP convening in 2021.

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Making Possible the Impossible: A Black Feminist Perspective on Child Welfare Abolition

This article discusses the intersection of Black feminism and the abolition of the child welfare system, and how Black feminism instructs us to be complicated in our analyses of systems of oppression.

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It Is Not a Broken System, It Is a System That Needs to be Broken

This journal article describes the upEND Movement, a collaborative movement aimed at abolishing the child welfare system as we know it and reimagining how we as a society support child, family, and community safety and well-being.

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Entangled Roots: The Role of Race in Policies that Separate Families

By examining the roots of policies that separate families and their entanglement with racial prejudice and discrimination, this report makes the case that we must embrace an alternative path.

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