Save the Children! | Episode 2 

with Dorothy Roberts and Geoff Ward


The Story Starts Here | Episode 1 

with Ndjuoh MehChu and Vanessa M. Holden


Meet the Hosts

upEND’s program director Josie Pickens is a Houston, TX-based organizer, educator, journalist, and culturalist whose writings and public conversations focus on race, gender, and sexuality. Josie has been regularly published in Ebony, Essence, Bitch, The Root, Cassius, Mic, and more. She has more than twenty years of community organizing experience where her focus has been prison-idustrial-complex-abolition, family policing system abolition, and building mutual aid networks.


Jaison Oliver is an educator and community organizer working on upEND’s communications team. As a member of the BLMHTX/ImagiNoir Collective, he builds collaborative spaces in order to imagine and create abolitionist communities where Black people can thrive.

Josie Pickens and Jaison Oliver sit next to each other on a blue arm chair and look toward the camera.

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