Houston, TX- The upEND Movement, a leading organization advocating for the abolition of the child welfare system, proudly announces the launch of a groundbreaking podcast, The upEND Podcast. This podcast series presents a call to action to abolish the current child welfare system, which is more accurately described as the family policing system. By delving into the historical roots of the system and examining the immense harm inflicted upon families and communities, The upEND Podcast makes a case for the complete reimagining of how society cares for children and families. 


The upEND Podcast will launch on Juneteenth of 2023 with an introductory episode that explains why the upEND Movement was formed and why the abolition of the child welfare system is the only way forward for meaningful progress. Juneteenth marks the third anniversary of the upEND Movement’s launch in 2020, a day synonymous with not only liberation but also with what it means to build a better, brighter world post-abolition. 


Each one-hour episode of The upEND Podcast will be released monthly from September through May. The podcast will feature a diverse range of thought leaders, including academics, organizers, and individuals directly impacted by the family policing system, who are engaged in social justice work. Through their personal experiences and expertise, these guests will shed light on the damaging consequences of family separations and the placement of children in foster care, ultimately demonstrating the urgent need for transformative change.


“We are thrilled to unveil The upEND Podcast as a platform for advocating change within the child welfare system,” said Josie Pickens, Program Director and podcast host. “By confronting the historical injustices rooted in chattel slavery and settler colonialism,  and by shedding light on the ongoing harm faced by families, we aim to challenge the existing system and inspire a fundamental reimagining of how we care for children and support families.”


The upEND Movement invites all individuals and organizations passionate about social justice, child welfare, and family equity to join the conversation and help bring about meaningful change. To stay updated on the release dates and access The upEND Podcast, visit upendmovement.org and follow @upendmovement on Twitter and Instagram.






About the upEND Movement:

The upEND Movement is a collaborative movement that works to abolish the existing child welfare system, which is built on a model of surveillance and separation and is more accurately described as a family policing system. Abolition requires ending this oppressive system AND imagining and recreating the ways in which society supports children, families, and communities in being safe and thriving.



For media inquiries, please contact:

Sydnie Mares

Communications Manager, upEND Movement