We hope you’re continuing to engage with how you can live abolition now in your own communities. There is a place for all of us to resist family policing and carcerality, through practice, policy, and language.

The How We endUP Convening is a gathering to explore how we can dismantle harmful, racist systems and build different ways of caring for one another. This year, with the theme of Living Abolition Now, we hope you leave ready to practice resistance in your own communities.

If you missed a session or just need to listen again, the archives are available now on our YouTube channel for sharing and continued learning.



Josie Duffy Rice and Alan Dettlaff discuss historical connections in his new book, the state of social work, and abolitionist visions for the future.

Keynote Conversation with Josie Duffy Rice and Alan Dettlaff



Communications professionals discuss how vital language is to shaping our movements. They examine real-life news headlines and share how our choice of words is an act of resistance and essential truth-telling.

We Call it Family Policing: The Language of Liberation

Featuring connease warren, Sydnie Mares, Takara Pierce, and Kirsten West Savali



The afternoon session gets specific about policy changes in Washington and Iowa and the different strategies that were used by coalitions to keep families together.

How We Win: Lessons Learned from Policy Changers

Featuring Shanta Trivedi, Carrington Buze, and Tara Urs



A group of seemingly distinct organizers draw connections between their work in Houston, North Carolina, and Atlanta. They encourage listeners to gather like-minded people in their area and use their unique gifts to resist policing now.

Start Where You Are: #StopCopCity, Abortion Doulas, and Community Gardens

Featuring Maya Pendleton, Ash Williams, Micah Herskind, Erica Hubbard, and Mellissa