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The upEND Movement Releases How We endUP: Ideas About How We Can, In Community, Move Towards the Abolition of Family Policing

Washington, DC and Houston, TX (June 18, 2021)—Last year, in the shadow of Juneteenth, which commemorates the day news of emancipation from human chattel slavery reached Galveston, Texas in 1866, and during the tumultuous summer of 2020, we launched upEND—a movement to abolish the child welfare system and center the experiences of Black, Native, and […]

Making Possible the Impossible: A Black Feminist Perspective on Child Welfare Abolition

In 1863, Harriet Tubman and eight of her trusted scouts orchestrated the Combahee River uprising in South Carolina. The uprising, which followed a year of planning and organizing, freed almost eight-hundred enslaved people, burned thirty-two planation buildings, and decimated the rice plantations that rested at the center of the state’s economy.[1] The Combahee River uprising […]

On the Road to Abolition: the upEND Movement Releases Three New Resources to Help Reimagine the Child Welfare System

Washington, DC and Houston, TX (September 17, 2020)—The US child welfare system has a long history of structural racism which has led to devastating consequences for Black, Native, and increasingly Latinx children and families. Despite decades of efforts aimed at reform, racism within the system persists. The upEND Movement works to create a society in […]

New Movement Seeks to upEND the Child Welfare System and Create Anti-Racist Supports for Children and Families

Announcing a collaborative movement aimed at protecting Black, Brown, and Native children and reimagining how we serve and support families.

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CBS Sunday Morning

Reporter from CBS Sunday morning interviews Alan Dettlaff over zoom.

December 4, 2022

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle article shows Bill Clinton Signing the ASFA.

November 11, 2022

How Is That Legal? Podcast

How Is That Legal?: Breaking Down Systemic Racism One Law at a Time

July 6, 2022

Buzzfeed News

April 27, 2022

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