Dream, Create, Liberate book is out Now!

“Dream, Create, Liberate” Afrofuturist Art Book Out Now

As we embark on this journey of imagination and liberation, we invited artists to join us in envisioning a world free from family policing.

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Dream Create Liberate title is accompanied by a grid of photos of the winning artists.

Prize Winners Named for “Dream, Create, Liberate” Afrofuturist Art Publication

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Dream, Create, Liberate: A Future Without Family Policing call for submissions.

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The graphic has the upEND logo and reads "Letter to the Editor". It also has torn up paper in the corner that appears to have the title of the NYT article and logo.

Letter to the Editor: Foster Care Cannot Provide True Safety for Children

As part of the growing movement to end the separation of children from their families, we were disappointed to read the article “What Happens When Abusive Parents Keep their Children” in the opinion section of the New York Times.

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A grandmother smiles as she watches her grandson playing in the backyard.

Family Policing Doesn’t Prevent Child Abuse, Abolition Can

While the family policing system also purports to prevent child abuse, abolition seeks to prevent harm before it occurs in the first place.

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A Black grandmother braids her grandaughter's hair.

Upending The Racialized Family Ideal

Child welfare policies reward those who uphold the American “family ideal” and police, punish, and profit from those who don’t meet it.

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California Supreme Court Strikes “Tender Years Doctrine”

This decision will reduce California’s ability to forcibly separate families.

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Deadline Extended for Afrofuturist Art Submissions

The deadline for art, poetry, and short fiction submissions has been extended to January 31, 2024.

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2023 Convening Recap

There is a place for all of us to resist family policing and carcerality, through practice, policy, and language.

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upEND Demands Ceasefire and a Free Palestine

We stand in solidarity with Palestinians and the masses all over the world who are rising up, demanding freedom for Palestine and ultimately, for us all.

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upEND Endorses Report to United Nations Human Rights Committee

This report aims to highlight for the Human Rights Committee key areas in which the U.S. government has failed to uphold its human rights commitments under the ICCPR regarding its separation of children from their parents and families, and the resulting harms inflicted on them by the immigration and family policing systems.

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