As we’ve developed our ideas on abolition of family policing, we saw how family policing is built on a foundation of carceral logic. We came to understand that carceral logic is as deeply embedded in the family policing system as it is in our systems of prisons and policing. That led us on a yearlong exploration about what carceral logic is and how it manifests in the family policing system. Help is NOT on the Way: How Family Policing Perpetuates State Directed Terror presents the results of this exploration which were developed in collaboration with a team of upEND contributors – Victoria Copeland, Brianna Harvey, Joyce McMillan, Maya Pendleton, and Emma Peyton Williams. We were also fortunate to collaborate with Lizartistry to create powerful graphics to accompany each document.

Moving forward we hope to continue developing this line of thought as well as develop the alternative logic that should be used to care for children and families in their homes and communities. As always, our intention is to contribute to work already occurring and provoke new actions and innovations from others. We invite you to build on these ideas, share with us the ideas you are developing, and let us know ideas we missed.

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Dettlaff, A. J., & Weber, K. (Eds.) (2022). Help Is NOT on the Way: How Family Policing Perpetuates State Directed Terror. upEND Movement.


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